Who is Laurel Brett?

Laurel Brett was born in New York City in the middle of the last century. Her teenage years were spent listening to rock music and fighting for the withdrawal of US troops from Southeast Asia, and her years as a young adult were focused on feminist and environmental activism. After earning a Ph.D. in English at SUNY Stony Brook with her award-winning dissertation on Thomas Pynchon, she settled into the life of a college teacher and poet. Her most rewarding project has been raising her two children. After many years as a poet, recently she has focused on essays, a memoir, and her forthcoming novel, THE SCHRÖDINGER GIRL. Her hobby is watching sunsets from her home that overlooks Port Jefferson Harbor.




Follow the journey of Garrett Adams, an uptight psychology professor, who meets a mysterious girl in a bookstore who threatens to upend his career and his relationship with the beautiful Caroline. As she reappears in new incarnations, Garrett questions both his sanity and the nature of reality. Set against the backdrop of the sixties, the novel questions the ways in which we distinguish between insight and delusion.