“Helen.” Complements. McGraw-Hill College, 1994.
“Crow Garden.” Songs of Seasoned Women. Quadrasoul, 2007.
Mourning Without Birdsong. Radio play.


“Where Were You? ” Nassau  Review, 2000*
“Pynchon, You’re a Part of my Life.” The New York Times.

More of Laurel Brett’s political writing can be found on Medium: (https://medium.com/@laurelbrett).

*Nominated for The Best American Essays of 2000.


Toto, I Have a Feeling We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Discussions of  Pynchon’s Novels*

*Winner of the 1987 University Microfiche Award for Best Dissertation of the Year.

Literary Criticism

Disquiet on the Western Front: World War II and Postmodern Fiction. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016.


The Schrödinger Girl. Forthcoming from Kaylie Jones Books in 2020.

Works in Progress

Girl Child, a memoir
The Fibonacci Scandal, a novel